Friday, August 21, 2009

Debian dbus - ldap error messages on boot

I recently updated a system using LDAP for authorization/authentication and happily discovered it wouldn't reboot. The boot screen was scrolling ad infinitum with these helpful messages:
udevd: nss_ldap failed to bind to LDAP server .....

Quick search displayed many bug reports, obviously not fixed since I'm endured this on a freshly upgraded Debian Lenny system. Some comments I read were silly, like folks having the system boot with a nsswitch.conf using only "files" for passwd, group, and shadow, then switching to "ldap files" or "compat" after boot.

Fix for me was (2) steps:
1. Leave /etc/nsswitch.conf the way it was -- "compat ldap" only and add the problematic user to the LDAP server. And the problematic user is [drumroll] messagebus. All that did was prevent the infinite udevd messages on boot -- still errors though.

2. Edit /etc/libnss_ldap and add:
bind_policy soft

Server boots, fixed, no error messages, done, back to work...

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